Talking Crop: with Casey Gouveia


I’m “Talking Crop” this week with Casey Gouveia, a brilliant make-up artist, businesswoman, founder of GoBeYou., and one of my beauty and life muses!

Wendy: Since the moment we met, you have inspired me to be a better everything. You fill a room with your lightness, your warmth, and your radiant beauty. I want to share this . . . you . . . with everyone I know. You are a celebrity make-up artist, a health and wellness coach; you wear so many hats . . . but tell us what inspired you to launch your own business. 

Casey: You know . . . there’s a lot to this. I had a tugging at my heart for many years to give back in a bigger way, and I have a true passion for health and wellness. I love helping people look beautiful, but I’ve learned so much about external versus internal beauty. I had a painful period in my life and fortunately I came out on the other end of things better, stronger, and healthier because I looked inward. I knew I wanted to share this. One day I was reflecting and talking with my husband about what I should do, what I could do . . . maybe a master’s degree in therapy or something along those lines. I just knew I had more to give. After a lot of reflection and bouncing around of ideas, I decided to start GoBeYou. and share my passion with others. I think women desperately try to hold onto youth, and rather than holding on, I want them to move forward and take back their lives. I want to help them find strength and goodness . . . just where they are . . . from the inside out. GoBeYou. is about being the healthiest you and the best you possible . . . at every age. Finding love through self-care is so important. 

Wendy: What is the best part of getting older?

Casey: Definitely the wisdom. It’s like going to a play . . . you are sitting in the audience, you don’t know what is going on behind the curtain. And through aging . . . you start to see things as they are behind that curtain. You uncover the why, the when, the where. All of the sudden, you’re not in the audience; you’re behind the scenes comprehending the production as a whole. Aging is a beautiful journey. I see life as flowing—stops and goes. It’s never certain; it’s always changing. But getting older is certainly amazing. It is a privilege.

Wendy: What are your five (must-do) health tips for women?

1. Think positively.
2. Drink tons of water every day.
3. Sleep (underline that)!
4. Drink green juice every day.
5. Use my serum (no joke, ladies . . . it is magic in a bottle)!

Wendy: You have an extremely busy schedule! Between flying all over the country for photo shoots, keeping it together at home, and launching your new business . . . how do you stay balanced?

Casey: Refer to the five tips above. In addition, I limit caffeine and alcohol. I eat from the rainbow. I welcome each day as a new opportunity. I honor my relationships even when I’m not with the people I love. I move a lot. I try to be the light in all aspects of my life.

Wendy: What clothes do you find most comfortable? What’s “your style?”

Casey: I like white clothes, they give off good energy. (Casey is in all white today and I agree!) I can bleach them when they’re covered in makeup =) I also love old 501s. I love the color navy blue. And to be totally honest . . . my buns are still perky, so the 501s and leggings are flattering to my figure! But at the end of the day, I like room to breathe in my clothes, so a good pair of white linen pants are also a go-to.  

Wendy: I love that! Now tell us where you are happiest, where you feel most alive. 

Casey: In my garden. Sunday suppers with my family. My safe places. Anywhere working with my hands and creating. Helping others find wellness . . . it gives me great joy to give.

Wendy: How do you keep your body so fit and beautiful?

Casey: I do a Pilates routine and barre3. I make sure to do Pilates on the road three to four times a week. I walk a lot. I do thirty walking lunges on every set!

Wendy: You know I’m genuinely a big fan of the GoBeYou. serum. Please tell us more about it!

Casey: I wanted to know more about aromatherapy and the power of touch. I touch faces all day long. I took classes at Bastyr University, a pioneer school in science-based natural medicine. I brought a formulator on board and we created an all-natural serum that is good not only for your skin, but your emotions. When you’re stressed, your body becomes acidic, and you’re not nourished. We can see hard times on the faces of others. Out of empathy from what I’ve been through—the loss of my mother and my sister, marriage struggles, health issues—I really wanted to come up with a serum that helped people look better and feel better. My serum is more than just something you put on your face. It is an experience. I want women to look in the mirror and gently massage their faces and say, “I love you, I am grateful.” To use it as a daily reminder to love yourself and be thankful for all of the goodness in your life. This loving action and the intention is so very important. Start your day with self-care and love. Be kind to yourself, and then GO BE YOU!

Wendy: Your health and beauty coaching is in high demand. What does this involve?

Casey: In order to look good and feel good you must create a balanced life. So many things are attached to this. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. I help people help themselves. I help them learn to live with their eyes wide open. I work with them to create lifestyle habits that honor themselves and therefore those around them; to use words of kindness toward themselves and others. My coaching is mostly private, one-on-one. It’s a six-month process. It takes that long to break through and maintain in everyday life. I offer weekends, group coaching, retreats—corporate, personal—and I’m working on an online program. This is not only for women. I want to help everyone find the light that leads them to the full life that awaits. 


Wendy: Would you mind sharing a little about your healthy family? More about your Sunday dinners and how you’ve kept everyone so close and loving? 

Casey: I was raised with Sunday suppers. Owed to my mom, my aunt, my grandma. They brought me here; this is a gift that I share now with my own tribe. I was raised with mutual respect in my household. Everyone in the house had a voice. We were all heard. We ate whole foods. I took cod liver oil daily and drank bone broth, ate kale. It’s not a trend with me. It’s organic and authentic. I was also raised to know that there is usually someone far worse off than I am. All of these aspects are equally important. We help each other navigate life, and what a better way than around a table of beautiful food for Sunday supper. I was lucky to be raised as I was. Now my main mission in life is to do the same for my family.

Wendy: How do we keep our glow this holiday season . . . and always?

Casey: Look around you. Look at every member of your family, look at your friends . . . know everyone is on a journey. You may be ahead of the others and that’s okay. Accept and focus on the good, and let the rest go. Eat well, move your body, sleep. Throw on your red lipstick and your GoBeYou. serum under your makeup and jump in. And whatever happens, remember, let it flow through you . . . not to you.

Wendy: Amen, Casey.

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