Wendy EulEr

I love a woman who’s fashioned her own personal style. I believe every person has a creative spirit and once that is uncovered, an individual style is born. Style is about a feeling . . . feeling comfortable in your own skin, in what you say, how you move, what you wear. Style is an extension of who you are. It’s about understanding the beauty and the wisdom that comes with age. Embracing and fully putting your arms around exactly where you are in life.

Goodbye Crop Top is a place where women can come and understand how beautiful it is just to be . . . to be your age but do it with gumption, with strength, and to look damn good in the process.  

I envision Goodbye Crop Top as an emerging movement. It will help unlock your creativity, connecting your inner beauty to the outside world, allowing you to remain visible beyond the crop top years. Let’s find the artistic soul that lives in all of you and let’s “get good” at aging together!